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After I realized that we needed to move, I knew that I needed to formulate a careful plan so that I didn't get overwhelmed. As a single father of six kids, I knew that every last detail of the move would have to be planned out and executed properly. I started by carefully organizing all of my kids' clothing and toys and then worked towards creating a careful schedule for the actual move itself. The result was amazing. The move was a complete success, and we were able to completely tackle the challenges in stride. This blog is all about moving with a plan.


Four Ideas On How You Can Quickly And Inexpensively Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

13 July 2016
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One obstacle to moving for many people who have already found the perfect new home is selling their original home. If you're struggling to find a buyer willing to make you a decent offer on your home, you may need to invest a little energy into increasing your home's value. The following are four ideas on how you can quickly increase your home's value in the eyes of potential buyers so that you can find a buyer faster and move out sooner: Read More …