Four Ideas On How You Can Quickly And Inexpensively Increase Your Home's Value Before Selling

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Four Ideas On How You Can Quickly And Inexpensively Increase Your Home's Value Before Selling

13 July 2016
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One obstacle to moving for many people who have already found the perfect new home is selling their original home. If you're struggling to find a buyer willing to make you a decent offer on your home, you may need to invest a little energy into increasing your home's value.

The following are four ideas on how you can quickly increase your home's value in the eyes of potential buyers so that you can find a buyer faster and move out sooner:

Invest in your HVAC equipment

Many home buyers are more concerned with practical details like how much energy they will need to pay for to keep a home comfortable than they are with aesthetic details. This means that investing in more efficient or effective HVAC equipment might be the best way to attract more buyers. 

If your home's HVAC equipment is out of date, invest in a more efficient heat pump or AC system. If you're relying on window units to keep your home cool during the summer, check out the possibilities of a ductless AC system. This offers more effectiveness than a window unit while not requiring the invasiveness and expense of the installation of a new central air conditioning system. 

Have your carpets cleaned

A simple carpet cleaning can not only drastically improve a home's appearance, but also make a home healthier by improving interior air quality. If you haven't had your carpets shampooed in a while, invest in a cleaning before showing your home to potential buyers. 

Put up some window treatments

Perhaps you've never been much of an interior decorator yourself and you have left your windows mostly bare while living in your home. If this is the case, you might want to put a little more thought into window treatments before you try to sell.

Putting up curtains or drapes can instantly transform a room and give a home a polished and refined look. It's also a cheap home improvement project that you can finish in no time. 

Replace old tile flooring

Tile flooring in a kitchen or bathroom is highly practical and much sought after among home buyers. However, old tile flooring that looks dirty and damaged could detract from your home's value.

It's probably more affordable and faster than you think to replace tile. In some cases, new tile can be installed right over the original tile. Consider this home improvement project if your bathroom and kitchen floors are detracting from the appeal of your home. 

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