4 Tips For Child-Proofing Your Big Move

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4 Tips For Child-Proofing Your Big Move

5 August 2016
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Moving isn't an easy task, and it is even less fun with kids in tow. There's so much more you need to think about to make sure every little thing is child-proofed. Before you get started with the move, here are the four top things to think about to protect your children.

1. Pack While They Sleep/Are Out

Try not to do the packing while they're around and in your way. If they go to day care or school, do it then. If they don't, find times when they're napping or sleeping at night. Not only will you not have to worry about them getting in the way, you'll also not have to worry about their safety as much. If they don't have any programs and are too old to nap, consider asking grandparents or friends to babysit for a couple of hours or set up one room for the kids only.

2. Keep the Cleaning Supplies Out of the Way

While packing, you likely need to clean, too. Watch out for little hands getting hold of the bleach and other cleaning products. Keep them well out of reach. Where possible, use nontoxic cleaners to keep your children safe at all times.

When you're using buckets with cleaning supplies, don't let them get anywhere near without supervision. Find your kids something else more entertaining to do.

3. Keep Sharp Objects Out of Reach

Like cleaning products, there will also be sharp objects that you'll need to use. These include scissors, box cutters and even drills and saws. Make sure they are kept well out of the way. For some reason, children like the most dangerous things and will find them fascinating.

When it comes to electrical tools, never leave them plugged in when not in use. You run the risk of them getting trapped in the cords and being able to use the devices.

4. Keep Heavier Objects Near the Walls

Whether you're getting the TV off the wall and to one side or you've taken the book case down, heavy objects are tempting to little hands. Make sure they're covered up and put close to the walls as much as possible. Turn the TVs, computer monitors, and similar items so the glass faces the wall.

Stack heavier boxes at the bottom. Not only will this protect the lighter boxes, but they are less likely to be pulled onto the kids.

The best thing to do is schedule your move around your kids' timetable. It is not always possible to do it, so follow the other tips above to protect your children. For more assistance with your move, contact moving companies like Walsh Moving & Storage.