Selling Your Car Before Moving? 4 Ways To Get By Without One In Your New Home

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Selling Your Car Before Moving? 4 Ways To Get By Without One In Your New Home

9 August 2016
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Newer vehicles should have no problem making it across the country with 8-hour driving days. But, certain cars may not be well-suited for this trek, so it may be a better option to sell it beforehand. As long as you are moving to an urban area, you should be able to get by without a vehicle for a decent period of time. Hiring professional movers will allow you to travel by bus, plane, or train to get to your new home. It is a good idea to know about your transportation options before you make your travel plans and arrive.

Public Transportation 

One of the easiest ways to get from one place to another is through public transportation. Some cities have excellent systems such as New York City and Chicago, but most major cities do a decent job. They are typically better in smaller cities because it is easier to build up the infrastructure. So, places like Houston or Phoenix, which are both large and spread far apart, have a tougher time competing with smaller cities like Minneapolis or Portland, which are both relatively small in size.


Another option for getting around is ridesharing. This involves downloading an app on your smartphone, requesting to be picked up at your current location, and getting driven to your desired destination. It is an effective way to get around when you are exploring the city on weekends, but it may not be something that you want to rely on for commuting to work due to the lack of constant reliability.


If you want reliability, you cannot go wrong with a bicycle. A 10-mile commute going one way should not be too challenging, as long as it is not scorching hot or freezing cold outside. It is a good idea to look at the nearby bike lanes and dedicated roads to see whether this is a worthwhile option for you.


Carsharing has been on the rise for quite a while, and it is still going up. This service allows you to essentially rent a car for a short period of time. It is nice because it puts you in control of the car, but it does have limitations in that you may not always be able to find a car nearby. It is best to look at your new home to see the proximity of carsharing locations to see if this is a feasible mode of transportation.

Hiring movers to bring most of your possessions will prevent you from having to do much shopping at your new home, which can be tough to do without a car. The level of planning you put into future transportation before you actually move will have an enormous impact on how easy it is to get around once you have settled into your new home.