Quick Change Artists: Tips For Using Last Minute Movers And Packing In A Pinch

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Quick Change Artists: Tips For Using Last Minute Movers And Packing In A Pinch

18 August 2016
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You have 48 hours to get everything packed up and out of your current apartment. Oh yeah – you also have to get it across town and into your new home. Immediately. Who do you call? Last minute movers, of course. Before you start stressing, take a breath, relax, and know that it's completely possible to hire a local mover and get your stuff from one place to another in your tight time-frame. If you're into making your super-swift move as easy as possible (and really, who isn't?), check out these tips for getting everything done in the least amount of time possible.

Look for the 'Right' Professional Movers

You need a moving service pronto. Luckily for you there are professional movers, like those at Modern Movers, Inc., who specialize in this. If you can't find an express mover in your area, ask general moving pros if they offer a similar service (probably for a price). Even though quick service might seem like your main goal, don't skimp on a background check. The American Moving and Storage Association suggests that you make sure the moving company has a physical address and has a positive rating with an organization such as the Better Business Bureau. Ratings from a trusted source (such as the BBB) can help you make a decision in less time.

Enlist Friends and Family Members

The movers have agreed to show up at noon. You're amazed, considering you called the night before. Now that you have the pros coming to lift and move the big-ticket items (i.e., the heavy stuff), you need to make sure that everything else is ready to go. While time isn't on your side, your friends and family are. Throw a mini moving party, and ask everyone to pitch in and help you pack. They can carry your boxes to the front door, making sure that everything is front and center when the movers show up.

Don't Bring Everything

You have a box of books that you've read enough times that you're fairly certain you're done with them. They've been hiding under your bed for the last two years, collecting dust. Don't add these to the movers' work. You aren't going to use them, so it's time to give them to someone who will. Donate items that you don't use or need any more or call an organization who does pick-ups.

List As You Go

The quick move means that you don't have months to make packing lists. That's okay. As you pack, start listing what's in each box, what category it fits into (such as kitchen or bedroom) and if the items are breakable or not. Bring a notebook around with you as you pack or add the 'notes' to your phone (you can even use a talk to text feature).

Not every move comes with months of planning time. If you're hiring a local mover to get your stuff from place to place right away, make sure that you pick a pro who knows what they're doing and comes with a top-notch rating. While you're waiting for those movers to show up, get your friends and family to help you pack, cut what you absolutely don't need, and keep listing everything that goes in a box or bin. These will all help your move run smoothly and make the transition easier for everyone.