How Can a Storage Facility Help with Your Business Move?

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How Can a Storage Facility Help with Your Business Move?

29 September 2016
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There are many tools to help businesses organize an easy move to a new commercial space. But you may not have thought about using a storage facility to help your move along. Here are some benefits of using a storage unit during a business move. 

It Can Help Make the Move More Manageable

An office move can be a stressful event for employees. If they are both trying to carry out business as usual and wade through a lot of moving boxes, it can cause them to become frustrated and lose productivity. 

If you use a storage facility as part of your move, you will be able to reduce the amount of clutter in the office before your move. You can do an initial phase where you box up everything that doesn't need to be used for daily operations. Once you have moved these items to your storage unit, you will have a lot more space to work with. 

It Can Help with Tough Timelines

You may run into a situation where your office's building manager gives you a strict time period when you can use the freight elevators and park moving vans outside of the building, among other privileges. In this case, it may be helpful to have a storage unit on hand so that you can do the move in several phases. 

For instance, you can start by moving some of the boxes to a storage unit before your actual moving vans and movers show up. That way, on the day of your move, your movers can focus on getting the heavier items into the freight elevator. 

It Can Help You Get Rid of Stuff

Another benefit that you may not have thought about is that a storage unit can help you get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff in your office. You can start by putting stuff that's not needed right away in the storage unit. But then, if none of your employees ask about the missing items, you'll know that they are not really needed. This is a great way to streamline the amount of extra junk that's sitting around your office not really being used. You might find that certain office supplies and furniture pieces are not essential to your business. 

These benefits make it worthwhile to consult a storage facility when you're doing a business move. In some cases, you may be able to get a great deal if you bundle a unit from a company like Colfax West Self Storage with your moving services.