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After I realized that we needed to move, I knew that I needed to formulate a careful plan so that I didn't get overwhelmed. As a single father of six kids, I knew that every last detail of the move would have to be planned out and executed properly. I started by carefully organizing all of my kids' clothing and toys and then worked towards creating a careful schedule for the actual move itself. The result was amazing. The move was a complete success, and we were able to completely tackle the challenges in stride. This blog is all about moving with a plan.


Selling Your Car Before Moving? 4 Ways To Get By Without One In Your New Home

9 August 2016
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Newer vehicles should have no problem making it across the country with 8-hour driving days. But, certain cars may not be well-suited for this trek, so it may be a better option to sell it beforehand. As long as you are moving to an urban area, you should be able to get by without a vehicle for a decent period of time. Hiring professional movers will allow you to travel by bus, plane, or train to get to your new home. Read More …

Stuffed Storage Unit? Why Getting A Bigger Size Is A Matter Of Safety For You And Your Stuff

8 August 2016
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If you want to rent a storage unit and are looking at sizes that are just big enough to fit all of your stuff in one big pile, you may want to look at bigger sizes instead. While it might seem like a luxury to have a storage unit big enough to allow all those boxes to be arranged in rows with aisles that allow you to access everything, it's really about the safety and well-being of everything in your storage unit. Read More …

Tips To Keep Your RV Rodent Free In Storage

5 August 2016
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As summer nears its end and autumn is just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about storing recreational vehicles. Obviously, the usual RV winterizing tasks like protecting the water system from freezing are a must. But one thing often overlooked is taking the time to protect your RV from mice infestation. Here is everything you need to know to make sure a family of mice don't enjoy your camper just as much as you do. Read More …

4 Tips For Child-Proofing Your Big Move

5 August 2016
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Moving isn't an easy task, and it is even less fun with kids in tow. There's so much more you need to think about to make sure every little thing is child-proofed. Before you get started with the move, here are the four top things to think about to protect your children. 1. Pack While They Sleep/Are Out Try not to do the packing while they're around and in your way. Read More …

How To Store Your Outdoor Equipment In A Self-Storage Unit

3 August 2016
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Avid outdoor enthusiasts enjoy camping, fishing and hiking trips, but the equipment needed for these types of outdoor activities can take up a lot of space in your home. Renting a self-storage unit is a great option if you have lots of outdoor equipment. Here are a few helpful ideas to get your storage unit organized and to store your outdoor gear. Organize Your Gear By Excursion Keeping your outdoor gear organized by the types of different trips you take can make it easy to load and unload your vehicle before you set off on your next adventure. Read More …